Rainfall and temperature have been measured at the El Verde Station since 1964, twenty two years previous to LUQ LTER 1. In McDowell and Estrada-Pinto (1), the collection procedures, the daily raw precipitation data from 1964 to 1986, and some summary statistics of the precipitation data covered on that period of time were reported. Meteorological sensors were installed at the El Verde Field Station's flat concrete rooftop, 3 m above the ground surface at an elevation of 350 m asl after the September 1989 (Hugo) hurricane. Since 1995, rainfall and temperature data since 1975 and sensors data since 1990 from the above records are being published on the LUQ LTER Web site.

Air temperature at Sonadora elevation plots. This is a long-term monitoring of air temperature at each elevation plot along the Sonadora transect, from 250 to 1000 m (plots are located every 50 m in elevation). At each plot a HOBO sensor is located close to the middle of the plot, at 1m above ground, and placed inside a radiation shield (a plastic cup).  Sensors are programmed to sample and store air temperature every hour. A daily average is computed from hourly readings.  Sensors are downloaded twice a year, thus blanks represent sensor malfunction, loss of battery, or memory full.  Initial blanks were due to lack of enough sensors to cover the gradient.

El Verde Field Station automatic sensor Air temperature. This is a long-term monitoring of air temperature in the same box where we measure manual min-max temperature at El Verde Field Station. The data set is meant as a back up to the long-term manual data set.