A Management Committee (MC) consisting of the PI and four co-PIs undertakes project management in the Luquillo LTER program (LUQ). The MC was established under bylaws approved by LUQ Senior Personnel (SP) in December of 2014 and consists of a Lead PI and four Co-PIs from UPR, IITF and two off-island collaborating institutions. This structure was chosen to provide sufficient administrative support at UPR where the program is managed while allowing sufficient input in to the management of the program by collaborating institutions. The MC is in charge of the administration of the project, including managing the budget, reviewing the progress of the science, making changes in administrative policy, and suggesting changes to the bylaws.  

Management Committee of the Luquillo LTER
Zimmerman, Jess        PI                    
Brokaw, Nickolas       Co-PI              
González, Grizelle      Co-PI              
Silver, Whendee         Co-PI              
Willig, Michael           Co-PI                   

The MC is advised by a Science and Education Advisory Committee (SEAC) who are nominated by LTER researchers and chosen by the MC for a three-year renewable term.  The Information Manager, one student representative, and the Education Coordinator are ex-officio members of the SEAC, along with the founding PIs, Robert Waide and Ariel Lugo.  A number of the members of the SEAC (Bloch, Heartsill-Scalley, Shiels, Wood) are junior scientists and thus represent the new generation of LTER researchers.The SEAC meets quarterly to review progress in achieving scientific and education goals established in the most recent proposals and exchange ideas on new research initiatives.   

Science and Education Advisory Council                                                                             
Báez, Noelia                           
Bloch, Chris                                              
Covich, Alan                                            
Heartsill-Scalley, Tamara                                                 
Hogan, Aaron                         
Lugo, Ariel                                                           
Meléndez-Colom, Eda                                           
Pringle, Cathy    
Ramírez, Alonso               
Shiels, Aaron                                         
Uriarte, Maria                                        
Waide, Bob                    
Wood, Tana

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