Pablo Colón Berdecia High School, Barranquitas, Puerto Rico

Pablo Colón Berdecia High School,
Calle Barcelo Final Sector Nuevo,
Apartado 69
Barranquitas, PR 00794
(18.186161, -66.300694)
Phone number: (787) 857- 2897

Leading teacher: Diana González Green
E-mail address:

Former Participating teachers:

1.   Mrs. Clara I. Abad, Biology Teacher 1992 to 2013.
2.   Mrs. Awilda Santos, Chemistry Teacher 1987-1991
3.   Mrs. Elsa Torres, Biology Teacher 1986-87

Project Description:

During the years of 1986 and 1987, we selected a private area in the Forest “La Torrecilla”, located in the Barrio Barrancas in the Municipality of Barranquitas, for the development of a long-term study with the help of the International Institute for Tropical Forestry. Our study area is at 3,093 feet above sea level and it has been classified as a secondary forest because was used for agriculture since the XIX Century until 1940, to cultivate coffee. In our forest, our main water source originates from the Manatí River.