LUQ Backup Method: Description and Illustration

LUQ Backup Method: Description and Illustration

LUQ IM Internal Backup Methods:

The Intranet in the LUQ Office consists of a mini-Local Network with two desktop computers, a server and a laptop. One of the desktop computers is used by the LUQ Information Manager for maintaining backups and another by the data entry person for entering the data. Each desktop has an additional external drive and there are three external USB drives used for making backups.

Three sets of backups of the original data are maintained for the two working computers (Information Manager’s and Data Entry Person’s):

  • As data files are updated by the data entry person, 3 backups are performed: two on external USB drives and another on an internal drive in the same computer.
  • The information updated by the information manager is backed up in an external USB drive attached to the laptop every time the information is updated and in one of the desktop’s drives in a weekly basis.
  • These two sets of data are backed in a monthly and yearly basis to the other Desktop computer’s additional drive :
    • One archived history backup that will be kept as is. The first of these were started in Feb 19, 2014. Each year in Feb a new archive backup will be performed.
    • One backup that is updated monthly in one of the two IM computers.

The server will be mirrored by a computer located in the LTER Network Office (LNO) such that it will contain an exact set of information as the web site’s server located in the University of Puerto Rico. Synchronization of these two servers will be performed by a coordination of LUQ’s System Administrator and the LNO’s. This process will be implemented by the end of 2014 after the new version of our web site, the Drupal Ecological Information Management System (DEIMS), is implemented.

Computer/Drive/folder names (location and capacity):

Main IM Computer (Windows based)
Name of Computer: ITESDELLIM1//
Drives: Main  (C: ) and BACKUPDRIVE (D:)
Drives Capacity : One 500 GB (C: ) and  1TB (D: )

Information Manager Laptop (Windows based)
Name: IMLaptop
Drives: Main  (C: )
Drives Capacity : One 500 GB (C: )

Data Entry Computer (Windows based)
Drives: Main  (C: ) and BACKUPDRIVE (d:)
Drives Capacity : One 500 GB (C: ) and  1TB (D: )

Server (Ubuntu based)
Name: Corsair
Drives: three
Drives Capacity : One 80 GB and  two 1.5 TB

Type of data backed up:

  • Server: holds all web site’ data which is held in a mysql database in the background. Backups are performed monthly using the system’s modules for doing backups. These are downloaded to the IM Main Computer as they are performed. Only the latest backup is maintained in the server and the IM Main computer holds the backups performed in the last year.
  • In the Main Computer all data and metadata that have been published in our web site (  is saved. All the original data and the transformed data are backed up in the Data Entry Computer D:  drive on a monthly basis.
  • In the Information Management Laptop we work all the data to be published in our website. All data, along with its metadata, is backed up in the Main Computer and two external drives every time the information is updated.
  • In the Data Entry Computer all data entered by LUQ IM register person is saved. It is backed up in two external drives and in another internal drive. Monthly backups are maintained in the Main IM Computer.
  • Historical annual backups are maintained in the Main IM Computer. These backups are not modified.

Illustration of LUQ Backup System: