Quadrats topography column format

<p>Quadrats topography column format</p>

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1990-06-15 to 1992-01-30




  • Label: Quadrat ID number
  • Definition: Identification number used by the surveyor's for the 20 m by 20 m grid points on the LFDP grid. Control points are counted from the South West corner control point number 1 to control point at the South East Corner number 17. Proceeding North to the West end of the second row and continuing east from control point 18 to 34 etc.
  • Type: Physical quantity
  • Unit: dimensionless
  • Maximum: Not specified
  • Minimum: Not specified
  • Precision: 0.1
  • Missing values: None specified
  • Label: Average elevation
  • Definition: Average elevation of the each of the grid points on the LFDP entered in one record per each grid point. There are 17 grid points East to West (defining 16 20 x 20 m quadrats) and 26 grid points South to North (defining 25 20 m x 20 m quadrats)
  • Type: Physical quantity
  • Unit: meter
  • Maximum: Not specified
  • Minimum: Not specified
  • Precision: Not specified
  • Missing values: None specified

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