Meteorological data from towers (pre-Hugo) or rooftop (post Hugo) at El Verde

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The meteorological sensors were installed above the flat concrete roof of El Verde Field Station (elevation: 350 m asl). The building is in an approx. 0.3 ha clearing in a forest approx. 20 m tall. Data were processed and temporarily stored in a Campbell 21X data logger on-site. The station was initiated after the September 1989 hurricane. As this station was installed 3 meters above a concrete rooftop in a forest clearing, dry air temperatures during daylight hours are higher than those that would be measured in the adjacent forest. The USGS maintains a nearby (100 m away) station on a 20 m tower (since 1992). An additional station for temperature and humidity measurements in the forest understory was added in 1997. Additional measurements of daily rainfall and maximum and minimum air temperatures for this site since 1975 exist on separate files.

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1995-06-11 00:00:00 to 2000-12-12 00:00:00

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2010-03-26 00:00:00



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Name: Eda Melendez-Colom Role: Data Manager
Name: Douglas A. Schaefer Role: Associated Researcher
Name: Jill Thompson Role: Associated Researcher


  • Air temperature measured by thermistor within a radiation shields)
  • Air temperature measured by thermistor surrounded by a water- saturated cotton wick, within a radiation shield;
  • Rate of liquid water preciptation, measured by a tipping bucket guage.
  • Relative humidity as measured by a capacitive sensor under ac excitation in a radiation shield.
  • Wind speed as measured by a rotating cup anemometer
  • Wind direction as
  • measured by a freely rotating wind vane oriented relative to geographic north.
  • Sigma theta is the standard deviation of the wind vector during the measurement interval
  • Wind rose as determined by the anemometer and wind vane. It is the fraction of the total wind vector during the measurement interval in each of the eight compass octants (WinRose1-45(degrees) = NE-E, WinRose46-90(degrees) = N-NE, WinRose91-135(degrees) = NW-N, WinRose136-180(degrees) = W-NW, WinRose181-225(degrees) = SW-W, WinRose226-270(degrees) = S-SW, WinRose271-315(degrees) = SE-S, WinRose316-360(degrees) = E-SE). The sum of all eight values equals the wind speed during the measurement interval.


<p>Campbell 21X data logger</p>



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