Rainfall at El Verde Field Station, Rio Grande, Puerto Rico since 1975



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Rainfall has been measured at the El Verde Field Station since 1964. McDowell and Estrada-Pinto, 1988 presents a description of the collection procedures, raw data from 1964 to 1986, and some summary statistics for this period of record. Precipitation for this period showed some seasonality in monthly means, with a peak in May. Monthly averages for the period of 1975 to current chart can be found at this site. The highest values for the monthly averages for the period of 1975 to 2000 are from August to December with a low in October and November the highest. In this period the highest amount of total annual rainfall was in 1998 with 5293.61 mm and the minimum in 1994 with 1402.87 mm.

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1975-01-01 00:00:00 to 2020-08-18 00:00:00

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2020-08-25 00:00:00



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Name: Miguel C Leon Role: Data Manager
Name: Douglas A. Schaefer Role: Associated Researcher
Name: John Bithorn Role: Associated Researcher
Name: William H. McDowell Role: Associated Researcher


DAILY PRECIPITATION AT EL VERDE, 2000 TO CURRENT MV (in the original data sheets) means missing value; data shown are generated by taking missing day and next collection, dividing by number of days in collection. Data from 1974 are questionable, thus data shared in this media starts in 1975. Data were entered by Norma Ortega and B. Hageny, corrected and updated by McDowell June 1988 CONVERSION FACTOR - DIVIDE mls BY 324.128 TO GET CM; DIVIDE mls By 32.4128 TO GET MM; MULTIPLY inches BY 25.4 TO GET MM. ERRATA: 1. In Jan 26, 2001 Dec 6 and 7, 2000 data read 0.01 for both. Actual values are 0 for both.- Feb 6, 2001; 2. Data from 11/18/2011 to 11/20/2012 corrected to read 3.50: originally entered as 5.25 instead of 3.50; 3. Data from corrected to read 0.864, originally entered as 8.64. ERRATA: On 10/29/2015 at 9:18 PM, this file was substituted with a revised version with the correction: 10/28/1993    ppt=0.38 to 10/28/1993    ppt=0


The data from this data file is harvested by the LTER ClimDB ( and available to the public at: See the location for the LUQ ClimDB El Verde site data in this website at:


McDowell, W.H. and A. Estrada-Pinto. 1988. Rainfall at El Verde Field Station, 1964-1986. Terrestrial Ecology Division, CEER. Technical Report No. CEER-T-228.



During first period of record the El Verde Field Station was administered by the Center for Energy and Environmental Research (CEER). Since 1988 the Station has been administered by what was known then as the Terrestrial Ecology Division (TED) of the University of Puerto Rico. In 1997 TED became the Institute of Tropical Ecosystem Studies (ITES) under the Natural Science Faculty of the University of Puerto Rico at the Rio Piedras Campus.

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