Experimental Understory Food Web data in the El Verde area of the Luquillo Experimental Forest



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These data include date, treatment, block number, number of coquies, number of anoles, number of insects collected on two sticky traps, number of insects counted on 4 Piper glabrescens and 4 Manilkara bidentata seedlings, percent herbivory on the aforementioned plants and number of spiders. All these measurements were taken within exclosures for closed controls, anole exclusions, coqui exclusions and total exclusions. Open controls were sampled from an area of similar dimension not enclosed in an exclosure.

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1999-09-01 00:00:00 to 2000-06-01 00:00:00

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2011-06-07 00:00:00



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Name: Miguel C Leon Role: Data Manager


In the spring and summer of 1999, 32 exclosures were constructed in 8 blocks distributed around tabonuco forest within relatively close proximity to the EVFS. Each block also contained an open control plot (without an exclosure). Exclosures were constructed with 2" diameter PVC pipes and ¼ inch plastic netting. The exclosures were approximately 9 m2 in area. The treatments are Open Control, Closed Control, Anole Exclusion, Coqui Exclusion and Total Exclusion. Anoles and coquies were stocked in the exclosures at the following levels:  5 Anolis gundlachi and 16 Eleutherodactylus coqui. In addition, four seedlings each of Piper glabrescens and Manilkara bidentata were planted in 4" diameter PVC tubes filed with a 50:50 mixture of commercially available topsoil and river sand. Every month, foliar insects, spiders, anoles and coquies were cenused in each exclosure. In addition, insects were collected on two sticky traps in each exclosure and herbivory was measured by calculating the amount of leaf area lost from recently expanded leaves.

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<p>Open controls were sampled from an area of similar dimension not enclosed in an exclosure.</p>

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RESEARCH LOCATION DETAILS: The research plots are located in the vicinity of the El Verde Field Station. Block 1-4 are located south of the Quebrada Sonadora in the vicinity of the Bridge Trail and the trail to the "swimming hole". Block 5 is locate uphill from the bridge trail just south of Quebrada Sonadora (just southwest of Larry Woolbright's Coqui Census Plots). Block 6-7 are located west of the LFDP North of the trail to one of the MRCE plots. Block 8 is located just north of the Odum trail downhill from the radiation center. All these sites have been located with GPS and are found in the GIS data sets (



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