Geographical ecology of dry forest tree communities in the West Indies

TitleGeographical ecology of dry forest tree communities in the West Indies
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsFranklin, JF, Andrade, R, Daniels, ML, Fairbairn, P, Fandino, MC, Gillespie, TW, Gonzalez, G, Gonzalez, O, Imbert, D, Kapos, V, Kelly, DL, Marcano-Vega, H, Melendez-Ackerman, E, McLaren, KP, McDonald, MA, Ripplinger, J, Rojas-Sandoval, J, Ross, MS, Ruiz, J, Steadman, DW, Tanner, EVJ, Terrill, I, Vennetier, M
JournalJourrnal of Biogeography
Date Published03/2018
Accession NumberLUQ.1400
Keywordsbeta diversity, Caribbean community composition, seasonally dry tropical forest, seed plants, species turnover, tropical dry forest, West Indies, woody taxa-primarily trees

Seasonally dry tropical forest (SDTF) of the Caribbean Islands (primarily West Indies) is floristically distinct from Neotropical SDTF in Central and South America. We evaluate whether tree species composition was associated with climatic gradients or geographical distance. Turnover (dissimilarity) in species composition of different islands or among more distant sites would suggest communities structured by speciation and dispersal limitations. A nested pattern would be consistent with a steep resource gradient. Correlation of species composition with climatic variation would suggest communities structured by broad-scale environmental filtering.