Food web dynamics and applied problems

TitleFood web dynamics and applied problems
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication1995
AuthorsCrowder, LB, Reagan, PD, Freckman, DW
EditorPolis, GA, Winemiller, KO
Book TitleFood Webs: Integration of Patterns and Dynamics
PublisherChapman and Hall
CityNew York
Accession NumberLUQ.119
Keywordsstress detection

One overwhelming conclusion from papers presented in the applications chapters of this book is that humans are a part of natural food webs. In fact, it is our opinion that few if any of the food webs discussed in this book are unimpacted by humans. Given the now global scale effects of the human population on atmospheric processes and their biological impacts (Kareiva et al., 1993), it is naive to speak of natural food webs unimpacted by man. Fragmentation and loss of habitats due to human activities such as waste disposal and agricultural development affect nearly all ecosystems.