The facilities available to support Luquillo LTER (LUQ) research in the Luquillo Mountains provide the needed equipment and conditions for a vigorous, long-term ecological research program.  Moreover, there is institutional commitment for continued upgrading and maintenance of these facilities.  Our primary facilities are located at the Department of Environmental Sciences (DES), University of Puerto Rico-Río Piedras (UPR), and at the USDA International Institute of Tropical Forestry, San Juan, Puerto Rico.  DES has received grants from NSF to upgrade facilities at El Verde Research Station and laboratories at UPR.  LUQ activities and analyses of LUQ samples also take place at facilities of the University of Connecticut Center for Environmental Sciences & Engineering (workshops, invertebrate studies), University of California-Berkeley (soil and gas analyses), the University of New Hampshire (water chemistry), and the University of Turabo, Puerto Rico (microbial studies)

El Verde Field Station (El Verde) supports the advancement of tropical ecology by providing infrastructure to conduct research and education within the Luquillo Experimental Forest (LEF). El Verde was built in 1937 as an experimental station to study rainforest ecosystems within the Luquillo Mountains. El Verde is a unit within the Department of Environmental Sciences of the University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras campus. Research at El Verde started to increase since 1988, when the Luquillo Long-Term Ecological Research (LTER) program was funded. El Verde has living and laboratory facilities for up to 40 visitors,  a brand new laboratory that provides workspace for 10 researchers, meetings and conference space, comprehensive collections of local flora and fauna for fungi, ferns, dicotyledons, myriapods, arachnids, insects, amphibians, and reptiles, a Dell GIS Server running ERDAS and ARC/INFO GIS software, over 10 windows workstation computers connected via a local area network, an NADP wet deposition station, and several weather stations based on Campbell microloggers, a laboratory with balances, microscopes,dissecting scopes, fiberoptic light sources, pH meters, and a diesel backup generator, sample preparation and nutrient analysis laboratories, including sample drying, grinding, and extraction equipment, electronic balances and microbalances, and related equipment, outdoor and indoor animal-holding facilities with light and temperature control and one-way observation windows, electrical and carpentry shops and facilities for field-drying of specimens.  For more information about the field station please visit their website or contact the administrator Francisco Perez by email evfs_ites@yahoo.com / evfs@ites.upr.edu or phone (787)764-0000 X6730 or 4381.

Digital Flora of El Verde http://floraelverde.catec.upr.edu/              
UPR-RP Herbarium http://herbario.uprrp.edu/

The Sabana Field Research Station is located on road PR-988 near to the northeast side of the Luquillo Mountains. It was established in 1938 as a security post for the forest. From 1970-1980 it was a saw mill and by 1990 it was strictly a research station. In 2012 the station was remodeled and can now accommodate approximately 15-20 people in a dormitory building that includes a kitchen, showers, and restrooms. Maintained by the International Institute of Tropical Forestry (IITF), the station facilities include a mycology laboratory, oven room, sample preparation room, laundry room, storage areas, analytical laboratory for soils and vegetation, research nursery, an extensive tropical forestry library, and a research herbarium. For more information about the field station please visit their website (http://criticalzone.org/luquillo/infrastructure/field-area/sabana-field-station1/) or contact the administrator, Grizelle González by email ggonzalez@fs.fed.us or phone (787) 764-7800.

The Bisley Experimental Watersheds is managed by the International Institute of Tropical Forestry of the US Forest Service. Within this area, long-term ecological and silvicultural research has been conducted since the 1980’s (Scatena 1989). A number of institutions conduct research in this area; among them are the LUQ-LTER, USFS, the Luquillo Critical Zone Observatory, the U.S. Geological Survey and others. The research facilities includes 2 walk-up canopy towers, climate stations, three stream gages, throughfall and litter collectors, permanent ecological study plots and areas designated for aquatic research. For further information or permission to use the Bisley Watersheds, please contact: Grizelle Gonzalez, USDA Forest Service IITF 787-764-7800 / ggonzalez@fs.fed.us

The Stream House is managed by the Department of Environmental Sciences at the University of Puerto Rico-Rio Piedras Campus.  It is located on road PR186 3 km before the El Verde field station if you are coming from PR-3.  Facilities include a three bedroom fully furnished apt, a two bedroom fully furnished apt, 2 offices, an equipment room, a collections room, a chemistry lab, an indoor and outdoor storage area, an artificial stream facility and high speed wireless internet. For more information about using the facilities please contact Francisco Perez by email evfs_ites@yahoo.com / evfs@ites.upr.edu or phone (787)764-0000 X6730 or 4381