Biogeochemical cycling in tropical forests

TitleBiogeochemical cycling in tropical forests
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication2011
AuthorsMcGroddy, ME, Silver, WL
EditorBush, M, Flenly, J
Book TitleTropical Rainforest Responses to Climatic Change
CityVerlag, Berlin
Accession NumberLUQ.1035

Increased inputs of greenhouse gases have altered the composition of the atmosphere over the past 150 years (IPCC, 2001, 2007), resulting in shifts in temperature and precipitation around the globe. The scientific community has put an enormous effort into understanding the causes of these changes, and predicting future climate and the interactions between climate and the biosphere that may moderate or accelerate current trends. Most of the research on climate change has focused on boreal and north temperate ecosystems where temperature shifts are predicted to be the largest (IPCC, 2001, 2007). These ecosystems are often characterized by deep organic soils that present the potential for a strong positive feedback to climate change (Oechel et al., 1998; Vourlitis and Oechel, 1997; Hobbie et al., 2002).