Basidiomycetes reduce export of organic matter from forest slopes

TitleBasidiomycetes reduce export of organic matter from forest slopes
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1988
AuthorsLodge, DJ, Asbury, CE
Accession NumberLUQ.323
Other Numbers323
Keywordsbasidiomycetes, Fungi, organic matter, soil, soil biogeochemistry, soil ecology

Export of leaf litter from forest siopes can affect soil organic matter (SOM) concentrations, soil nutrient pools, and consequently foliar nutrient concentrations in vegetation (Lang and Orndorff, 1984). Mechanisms which retain litter are especially important in maintaining soil fertility in montane forests, where a high proportion of the landscape is on steep slopes. Litter retained on slopes decomposes in situ and contributes to SOM and soil nutrients in these sites. In addition, litter mats protect surface soil from erosional losses of SOM and nutrients. (Cogo et al., 1984). This paper presents that binding of leaf litter by basidiomycetous fungi retards the export of organic matter from forests slopes.