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Bird abundance - point counts
Spatial and temporal differences in shrimp numbers (1 year, 20 pools)
Enclosure/exclosure experiments in a montane Puerto Rican stream examining direct and indirect effects of two dominant taxa of atyid (Atyidae) shrimp, Atya lanipes Holthius and Xiphocaris elongata Guerin-Meneville (Shrimp/ Algae/ Oecologia (1993))
63800 USGS Station Rio Espiritu Santo nr Rio Grande streamflow data
Whendee's Plots Frog transect data
Wood fall from Hurricane Hugo in the 9ha Grid
Supplemental information on an analysis of spillway crest discharge and detailed unpublished observations of native migratory fauna occurring upstream from large dams across Puerto Rico
Frog transect data
USGS Long-term daily streamflow data at several LEF locations
Regeneration after Hurricane Hugo woody species greater than 1cm tall (9ha grid, El Verde)(Wood fall from Hurricane Hugo 9Ha Grid)


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