Rules and Protocols for data structures and Excel templates to provide Metadata and Graduate Students Research Information

 Rules to follow when preparing a data file for publishing in the web:
  • A column should only have one type of observation; that is, an observation observed at one time, date, location and for only one type of object.
  • Sums, averages, etc. should be provided in a separate data file, with the corresponding metadata.
  • A database ready file should contain only one data type per column. Thus, a column should contain all dates, times, numbers or texts but not a combination of any of them.
Protocol related to the structure of a data file:
  • The use of these templates to provide metadata when filing a data set in the LUQ System will facilitate the process of publishing the dataset.
  • The data file(s) should be provided separately.
  • The labels of the data columns should be placed starting from the first column of the spreadsheet or in hte first row of the ascii-comma-delimited file.
  • If you need us to change the format of the spreadsheet, please contact us. Some examples could be:
    - data is column oriented and you would like it to be transposed into rows-oriented instead
    - you have embedded summaries (averages, sums, etc.) within a column.
    - you need us to do summaries of the data

Please contact LUQ information manager at if you need further information on how to use these templates

Microsoft Word dataset documentation forms:
Excel templates to provide Metadata to the LUQ LTER:

The following Excel files can be downloaded and used to submit data to the LUQ IM:

  1. Data Set submission template -general information about the data set including abstract, methods, personnel, special set of keywords (reserach assigned, LTER Vocab, proposal classifications:long term observation (if long-term data set and 2006 proposal classification,
  2. Data File structure submission template- information about the data file you are providing such as: name of the data file, number of headers and footers, delimiter (comma or tab), research site where data was taken, sets of dates (from and to) when data was taken.
  3. Research Project (Study) submission template - the name, description, and principal investigators of the project. A list of all the data sets involved in the studies are also included.
  4. Research Site submission template- name, description, coordinates (lat, long in decimal format) andsite image
  5. Data Variables submission template - a set of variables (attributes or columns) in a data file. One variable can be in one or more data file so the name of the data file as it appears in the Data File structure metadata should be provided in the appropriate cell.

Excel templates to provide Graduate stuent personal and research information: