Create Metadata and Upload Data

Steps to complete a data set to be for the LUQ system:

Definition of a Data Set: a group of data files whose data collection follow the same or related methodologies and that can be separated into different data tables (in LTER they are called data sources) by location (e.g. different plots in the forest) and/or by time of collection (e.g., by different years of collection).

-First organize your data files by methodology or a group of related methodologies that you may want users to see in a particular data set.

-Make sure you have all information related to the data, namely:

   --Descriptions of all methods

   --Name, description and principal investigators (PIs) of the Project whose data set you are publishing

   --Name  and a description of each of your data sources (tables)

   --Names, definition, and units for each measurement that is in a column of the data file (table or sources)

   --Information of each of the persons involved in the collection of the data (name, email address, role in the project and telephone number, if possible),

  --Dates for each collection of data

  --Set of Keywords you want to assign to each data set

  --List of References of the Publications related to each data set. That is, all publications for which analyses the data set's data was used.

  --List of the sites where the dat awas collected for each data set. This includes:

        --Title of the site (or Official title if it is already in the system)

        --Description of the site (if not in the system already)

        --Lat and Long Coordinates (preferably in decimal format)

-Fill out the metadata form.

Public forms:

For administrative users only (order is important):

  • Data Source - - information related to the data tables (variable columns, time line, etc.). This is where the data file (.csv format only) is uploaded to the system.
  • Research site - information related to the plot, transect or area where the research is conducted.
  • Data Set - general information related to the methodology, personnel, publications related to the data gathered. Links to the data sources, research sites, people involved in the creation of the data set and the publication resulting from the data set.
  • Research Project - information related to the science question  that the data is used for. Links to the data sets of the project.

Note: - For security reasons these forms to USE THESE FORMS YOU NEED SPECIAL USERS PRIVILEGES. Please contact LUQ information manager at
          - To submit metadata information, visit and download the Excel template for each of the metadata types:
Research Project, Research Site, Data Set, Data File Structures, Variables. These template contain descriptions of the metadata information to be submitted and the format to submit it. Contact the LUQ IM at if you have any questions about the templates and to submit the metadata once complet