Create Metadata and Upload Data

Public forms:

  • MS Word Form - includes the information for all the forms above
  • Guidelines - to fill out documentation for LUQ Data Sets

For administrative users only (order is important):

  • Data Source - - information related to the data tables (variable columns, time line, etc.). This is where the data file (.csv format only) is uploaded to the system.
  • Research site - information related to the plot, transect or area where the research is conducted.
  • Data Set - general information related to the methodology, personnel, publications related to the data gathered. Links to the data sources, research sites, people involved in the creation of the data set and the publication resulting from the data set.
  • Research Project - information related to the science question  that the data is used for. Links to the data sets of the project.

Note: - For security reasons these forms to USE THESE FORMS YOU NEED SPECIAL USERS PRIVILEGES. Please contact LUQ information manager at
          - To submit metadata information, visit and download the Excel template for each of the metadata types:
Research Project, Research Site, Data Set, Data File Structures, Variables. These template contain descriptions of the metadata information to be submitted and the format to submit it. Contact the LUQ IM at if you have any questions about the templates and to submit the metadata once completed.